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"Rhea and Bob have been working for IMEX for the last two years to help us to get our creativity project off the ground. It was a perfect meeting of minds as Rhea and Bob really do understand the necessity for creativity in the learning environment. They have brought their unique understanding to IMEX and showcased all this knowledge in our educational area on the show floor. We have heard from numerous people how meaningful the experience with Rhea has been. They feel that by introducing the fun/games/creative element to a complex problems, or thought patterns has really helped them understand how to figure the issues out, while thinking in another way. I would recommend Rhea and Bob for all events that really need help in looking at learning in a new way and also helping to introduce creativity to complex problem solving."
— Dale Hudson; IMEX Exhibitions

Leadership Development
“You were a hit at our strategic planning retreat. Our Board of Directors and staff members loved the way you engaged them in understanding the major trends affecting associations. Both your content and style struck just the right chords with our group. I knew that your kick-off of the retreat had achieved  our objectives when later in the event someone made a reference to one of your salient points (this happened frequently)”.
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us.
— William A. Zellmer, M.P.H., Deputy Executive Vice Present, ASHSP

“Thank you for these and all your help yesterday.  Everyone lauded your skill afterwards. My education research the last several years has focused on how students learn and on how to make group process work both in the classroom and the faculty meeting room.  I have read lots, received some coaching and have developed skills of my own, but I still consider myself a student of the process.  It was wonderful to experience the theories that I have read about put into action.  Beyond the help you gave the AAA, I am grateful for that learning experience.”
— Larry Rizzolo, Yale Medical School

“It was a great pleasure to have worked with - and been "schooled" by - you.  You are, in a word, terrific.  Thanks to you, this was one of the most productive task forces I have been on, and I am sure we will enlist your very able services in the future.”
— Jeffrey T. Laitman, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Center for Anatomy and Functional Morphology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Cookin’ Up Leadership
“When I signed up for Rhea's Cookin’ Up Leadership session at the Great Ideas Conference, I knew I'd get a good meal and I hoped I would learn something.  I got both.  I admit to being an experiential learning junkie, but seldom have I attended a session that was as expertly crafted and carried out as this one.  Rhea is a wizard and no lessons are left unexplored.  I learned a bit about cooking, but I learned a lot about myself and how I work (or don't) in groups. Self-knowledge is my candidate for the most critical competency for executives. Cookin’ Up Leadership is a session where you can learn about yourself and have fun in the process.  Do it!”
— Robert T. Van Hook, CAE, FASAE, Transition Management Consulting, Inc

Creativity Room
“Rhea Blanken who has worked with us for the past several years at our Great Ideas Conference.  Rhea has developed an unbelievably fantastic Creativity Room.  We’ve offered this Creativity Room at a half dozen conferences and the folks that participate absolutely love it!  She has spent years building and developing unique, playful opportunities to help people look at problems in a different light and put their minds in a zone to allow for creative thinking.  I’d be happy to discuss in detail over the phone but wanted to share Rhea’s information with you so you could connect.”
— Ann Blouin, CAE, Chief Learning Officer, ASAE

Leadership Expeditions into Partnership
Lewis & Clark
“I want to personally thank you for the outstanding job you did for RESOLVE. Your Lewis & Clark talk was exactly what we needed to hear. You did a fabulous job incorporating our feedback into your talk so that it was real for everyone. I have heard nothing but positives!”
— Barb Collura, RESOLVE board member

“Thanks so much for being part of our Winter Leadership Conference. You did an outstanding job addressing the topic of environmental scanning. Your presentation was right on the mark—well organized, interesting, informative and thought provoking. Thank you again for being an important part of our conference and for your outstanding presentation.”
— David W. Rohn, Executive Director, Associations Council, National Association of Manufacturers