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Email: rheaz@resultstech.com

Too often, strategic planning is a projection of past results, filtered through economic trends, massaged by what-ifs and then everyone involved hopes for the best. That is NOT what Rhea believes planning should be and she knows from experience it can be so much more. Building strategic scenarios based on collaborative strategic thinking is her game.

Rhea knows it is possible to design strategies for the future that empower bold commitment and action. The future should not be the past revisited. Working with her clients to develop coherent, aligned plans for the accomplishment of goals, objectives, and commitments is the foundation of Rhea’s consulting. Her expeditionary process uses inside the box resources to deliver outside the box strategic results. A lasting partnership between staff and volunteers is a natural result of this process.

Strategic thinking leading to change management and transformation requires alterations in perception, a willingness to engage with new ideas and address sacred cows with confidence and courage. Rhea’s ability to listen to what is said as well as the unsaid, reveals distinctions in performance that deliver the results for which strategic thinking aims. Unlike most consultants, Rhea is there for the long-haul implementation; providing coaching that clears obstacles and un-conceals new uses of resources.