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Phone: (301) 320-8711
Email: rheaz@resultstech.com

Rhea is a trusted advisor to staff executives and volunteer leaders of results-oriented, service-driven, and responsibly led organizations seeking to expand capacities that engender member loyalty, increased profitability, and sustainable market relevance and longevity. Her executive coaching produces results.

Evident among her many clients have been her commitment to transform their organizational culture, strategically fuse their “non-traditional” resources, and integrate their marketing efforts. All the while, naturally expanding those organizational competencies critical to the fulfillment of their desired future.

Rhea works with her clients to turn existing ideas and initiatives into “expeditionary” products, services, and experiences using her Association Eco-System 360º-Resource model. Expeditionary suggests discovery, responding to new challenges and changing conditions, and perseverance. These expeditions are designed to continuously adapt and serve as probes into the future. They become the models for developing new competencies. Expeditionary is the metaphor that best communicates the essence of attaining success moving into an unknown future.