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Over two hundred years ago, President Thomas Jefferson charged Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to lead a Corps of Discovery to find a water path connecting the east and west coasts of our newly expanded nation. The Corps extraordinary exploits and discoveries have remained fixed in the American imagination ever since.

As co-leaders and partners on a dangerous expedition into America’s unknown future, Lewis & Clark modeled behaviors from which volunteer and staff leaders could all learn. They operated within an “expeditionary mindset”. Everyday was a probe into an unknown world. They were living and learning moment-to-moment, aware each day that life was not the same as it had been the day before. Leadership expeditions into partnership, once launched, never end.

Results Technology, Inc. takes a fundamentally different approach. We respond to organizational clients that have articulated their aspirations to succeed in what they perceive as a radically changing environment.  Success under such conditions requires internal and external realignment.  This is true whether the client organization is an association, a corporation, a government agency, or a college or university.  Results Technology, Inc. responds to such “Requests for Success” with proven expertise in realigning an organization’s vision, culture, products, services, and experiences to the emerging Knowledge Economy.

Results Technology, Inc. operates on the basis of foresight, not hindsight. We collaborate with our clients in developing visions of the realignments driving their industry, profession, trade, craft, or philanthropy.  These realignments provide new opportunities, challenges, and competitors.  We plan from future visions backward, overcoming existing barriers and launching initiatives to position the organization for success.

Results Technology, Inc. works with our clients to turn existing ideas and initiatives into  “expeditionary” products, services, and experiences.  Expeditionary suggests discovery, responding to new challenges and changing conditions, and perseverance.  These expeditions are continuously adapting and serve as our clients’ probes into the future.  They are the mechanisms for developing new competencies.  Expeditionary is the metaphor that best communicates the essence of attaining success for the Knowledge Age.

Results Technology, Inc. can take a client from problem to product within months. The expeditionary approach enables us to rapidly create vision and strategy and turn ideas into expeditionary products in a very short period of time.  The expeditions then become the focal point for investment, strategic alliances, and continuous strategy refinement.

We provide competencies in vision, strategy, marketing, technology, and implementation. Equally important, we help our clients build their own competencies necessary to succeed in the Knowledge Age.  Results Technology, Inc. also helps our clients to acquire competencies through strategic alliances, which we help to establish and maintain.  These competencies include creating technology infrastructures and technology-based products, plus developing the necessary skills of our clients in their application.

Success in Knowledge Age products and services requires investment and persistence.  New standards of success are emerging for Knowledge Age products. New opportunities require greater persistence and continuous adaptation.  Expeditionary approaches, more ambitious strategic alliances, and investment are required to capitalize on the broader market opportunities opened up by realignment.  Results Technology, Inc.is a leader in creating the expeditions that become our clients’ instruments for discovering these new standards of success.

Results Technology, Inc. serves as guide into the evolving worlds of E-commerce, electronic publishing, and on-line interactivity with members, customers, and stakeholders. Transforming existing products, services, and experiences into the world of intranets, extranets and the Web must begin with digitizing existing offerings.  But these digitized offerings are merely the beginning. Results Technology, Inc guides our clients in migrating existing products on-line, then transforming these product platforms into derivative versions that will be tomorrow’s killer applications.  These new applications will create communities of interacting practitioners, learners, and experts.  They will be served by products, services, and experiences that are personalized to individual needs. This vision shapes the migration paths we explore and chart in collaboration with our clients.

Organizational and cultural changes are essential to success in the Knowledge Age. But not necessarily all at once. Rhea coaches our clients on how to change governance and organizational cultures to enable expeditionary development.  We demonstrate how to create environments that can support these new approaches, immediately. And we guide clients in spreading these new practices throughout their organization, building new competencies and perspectives as they go.

Strategy setting and product development must involve broad cross sections of the organization.  Successful expeditions are shaped by many perspectives, internal and external.  In emerging, realigning industries, strategy setting must be perpetual and linked to product expeditions, not to inflexible planning processes. Results Technology, Inc. guides our clients in creating perpetual dialogues on vision, strategy, and products.

Results Technology, Inc. encourages its clients to engage in strategic marketing to achieve success. Strategic planning involves talking about the future; strategic marketing involves acting on the future through expeditionary development.  We often begin our engagements with new clients following their unsatisfying experiences with strategic planning processes that failed to provide transformative visions and expeditionary means for engaging the future.

Results Technology, Inc. is a full-service enterprise, organized around the principle of expeditionary development. A cooperative framework is apt for Knowledge Age products. It enables substantial flexibility in launching expeditions, creating strategic alliances, and attracting investment. We have the capacity to provide our clients with the full spectrum of competencies and services, ranging from vision and strategy to implementation.  The cooperative has the skills to build any product platform and migration path, from those using print-based media to the most sophisticated intranet or Web applications.

Communities of practice are essential for expeditionary development of products, services, and experiences. As a cooperative, Results Technology, Inc. provides our clients more than consulting services. We enable our clients to share their insights with one another and accelerate their success. Our goal is to create the preeminent community of practice on the expeditionary development of products, services, and experiences.

Results Technology, Inc. guides its clients in the discovery¾or rediscovery¾of their roles, relationships, and relevance to members and customers.  Our clients’ long-term success and persistence serve as our compass.  Our skills, insights, and perspectives are a dependable North Star for their journeys of discovery.  Together we can muster the courage, hope, and confidence to succeed.