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What if our lives were a series of personal and professional teachable moments daily for our leadership development and for that of others? There are many leadership styles to explore and each has lessons to teach. The models come from historical figures, athletes and coaches, champions of business, science fiction characters, or many other. What if we could learn to see these lessons easily, translate them into our lives effortlessly and model them going forward effectively.? A few lessons numerous leadership models demonstrate:

#1 Lesson: Prepare For The Future From The Unknown

#2 Lesson: Failures Light the Way to Success

#3 Lesson: Patience in the Face of Uncertainty

#4 Lesson: Practicing Partnership Maximizes Results

#5 Lesson: Make Contribution Your Responsibility

#6 Lesson: Job Descriptions Are Only Part Of What’s Possible

#7 Lesson: Go Beyond What We Fear

#8 Lesson: Demonstrating Commitment Matters

#9 Lesson: Integrity Is Always Appropriate

#10 Lesson: Not All Problems Are Meant To Be Solved