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Cookin’ Up Leadership™ is a unique learning session designed to upgrade participants’ leadership and management skills through play-full activities that highlight personal self-awareness. The session embodies an Abraham Maslow saying, “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” This workshop delivers all that and more.

There are two versions of this program:
The first is by cooking and plating a three-course meal using recipes from 5-star venues, participants become more aware of their professional and personal approaches to life—how they deal with successes and breakdowns. Yes, making risotto and crepes can reveal numerous leadership distinctions.

The second version uses arts and crafts as metaphors for workplace situations and interactions interpreting 5-star recipes into creative and artistic representation using arts and craft materials. With glue, felt squares, glitter, construction paper and other ingredients, participants experience their impact on the productivity and success of others.

Both versions of Cookin’ Up Leadership™ take the development of one’s leadership practices even deeper than ever reading a book or talking “about it” could. Self-discovery causes the most profound alterations to one’s leadership/management path. Cookin’ Up Leadership™ is just such an opportunity for experiential competency building.