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Phone: (301) 320-8711
Email: rheaz@resultstech.com

For over 30 years, Rhea has promoted experiential learning, expeditionary thinking, and the working relationship of partnership between volunteer and staff leaders within the association community. Her work affects an organization’s productivity, image, impact and influence. Past-based issues disappear; productivity expands; and unexpected and desirable futures appear.

Committed to Volunteerism

Ms. Blanken is an ASAE Fellow and a founding Council Member and Past Chair of its Marketing Section. Since founding Results Technology, Inc., Rhea has continuously pursued her vision to encourage and inspire leadership, strategic thinking and volunteer service within the association community. She is committed to creating an environment where sharing knowledge, sustaining a spirit of curiosity and generating extraordinary value are the operative values. She is the 2012-2013 Chair of ASAE’s Consultants Section Council.

She listens to her clients in a special way that has them discover the value of their own thinking and are then provoked to take action. Her consulting strength comes in clarifying where within an organization the fundamentals are missing as an “invented” group experience and work with that to put them in as an organizational stability thus revealing what is versus what isn’t; clarifying connections and accesses to success; and constructing and guiding expeditions into the future

Rhea believes people can and often do think powerfully, creatively, and innovatively. However, her experience tells her we hesitate to act on those insights due to a variety of persisting circumstances.  She says we are too reasonable with each other, often being less inclined to confront the status quo than is needed.

Rhea supports her clients to invent language that provokes actions and the practice of inquiry as an access to creative thinking. She works with her clients in mastering the essentials, the fundamentals, of successful leadership, management and communication.

Rhea knows a leader’s ability “to live within a question”, to practice the fundamentals long after others think they need to move on – being more like baseball player doing batting practice or the pianist with her scales or the golfer doing her putting exercises—matters more than most realize. Rhea believes organizations and their people that gain appreciation for practicing the essentials of leadership, management and communication experience a more satisfying present and successfully create a remarkable future.

Volunteer leaders and staff’s attention, energies and resources become situated (sometimes solidly so) in the area of “what’s next to do” and they forget to practice and plan to reinvent the fundamentals. As an organization grows, it gets more complex. As people are added to staff and volunteer positions, they are not routinely oriented or practiced in the organization’s fundamentals. They are oriented into the “default” agreements whose circumstances are dictated by past-based traditions. These new and current positions unconsciously are immersed in the status quo – like water to the fish…unseen or felt.